Who is Nicama? The last Geisha? The relentless samurai?
The eternal youth seaweed? The youngest Korean CEO?
Nicama is a bit of all this. It is a studio in which stories are born. Images that recount emotions, stopped in time and fixed in memory.
Solid stories, which do not disappear at the speed of virtual sharing, but which remain. To remind us of the charm of reality.
A feng-shui company: light, essential, focused on the result. Where professionals with strong passions meet: punk rock (this speaks of their age), photography and film making (this speaks of what they can do for you).

We proudly worked for Pirelli, Mtv, Zegna, RAI Cinema, Bmw, Yamaha, Adidas, Yoox,   Balich world services, La Repubblica, Cressi, Artsana, ACMilan, U.C. Sampdoria, Tim, Deutsche Bank, Fincantieri, Mariotti Group UNHCR, Action Aid. Our work has been published in Vogue, Wired, GQ, Vanity Fair, Sporweek, Rollingstone, Icon, Io Donna, Sette, Cycle!, Soccerbible, Amica, Wsi, Stern, Redbulletin.

English mother, Italian father, New Zealand grandmother. I was born in London, I grew up in Ravenna, I live in Milan. After a degree in architecture, I became a photographer and director. And in the cutouts of time I play base drum, cymbals and snare.

“I love the noise of the drums. I love the silence that being on set inspires you"

I worked on advertising and video campaigns for Adidas, Sky, Lavazza, BMW, Telecom, DB Bahn, Banca Intesa, Puma, Techogym, Virgin Active, Deutsch Bank, Yamaha. As a photographer I work with important international magazines such as GQ, Rolling Stone, Wall Street Journal, Stern, Vanity Fair, IoDonna, RedBulletin, L’Optimum Art.
With Pirelli I documented the working world in the Europeans factories and it became an exhibition at the Milan Triennale. I co-directed with Marcello Pastonesi the documentary "L'Altro Spazio" produced by Someone and Rai Cinema, made for the Venice Architecture Biennale and screened out of competition at the Trento Film Festival.


I have come a long way: descendant of Sicilian landscape painters, I followed in the footsteps of the family, moving towards video and photography. And I love to go far: with my vintage lens set I have traveled the world, filming for over 20 years.
I graduated in natural sciences and became a guide at the Aquarium of Genoa, but then I decided to follow my passion: years as a filmmaker, and today director of photography.

“I love travelling and the sea. Without my lenses I am a fish out of water "

Many music videos, for national and international artists: Tre Allegri Ragazzi Morti, Dente, David Sylvian, Ingrid Chavez. Short films, feature films, documentaries and branded content for many customers. For Costa Crociere and MSC, my two passions - sea and photography - go many miles together.
For years I have been working as a Dop with I Licaoni Digital Studio with which I have made several short films.

I am a winner. Or rather, I won: a camera with a supermarket points collection. From there I took myself seriously: I studied photography at the Fondazione Studio Marangoni in Florence. An accident stopped me, but the money for compensation helped me with a fresh start, and I decided to move to Milan.

“In life I like to expand the boundary. In photography I love to focus on the characters "

Here I begin my research. I focused on photography: on people, on gestures, on details, on manifestations that tell identity. In life I widen: expanding time, running up to my first marathon. I expand space, getting lost with my motorbike on winding roads, usually to find the sea.
Along these two paths, some milestones. The publications: Le Monde, Fluter, Stern, Io Donna, D di Repubblica, Riders, Sportweek, Sette, Marie Claire, Vanity Fair, Rolling Stone. The clients I work for: Ing, Allianz, Tim, Merck, Aw Lab, Mysecretcase, Pirelli Foundation, Pirelli, Cortona On the Move. And several prizes.

I studied international political science and diplomacy at the University of Genoa. Journalism in London and international relations at the Institute for International Political Studies. In the meantime I played rugby, climbed Mont Blanc, cycled in the Tour of Flanders.

"I did a lot of television, but I never look at it. I prefer to walk the streets "

I entered television and quickly became MTV Networks executive producer for news in Italy. I directed and produced numerous award-winning documentaries in the series True Life, Mtv News and No Excuse. In short, I make my way, but it's a path that takes me away from the camera. I decide to go back in the field: I become freelance.
I focus on hot topics: foreign affairs, energy and migration. I collaborate with RaiNews24, MTV, RaiCinema, Sky Arte. And with UNHCR to document migration crises. I do what I like: photography and direction. But I continue to be a producer: budget, finance, contracts and content.