Proud to share with you the trailer of our recent film. We worked on this film for more than five months.
ATLANTICO follows the journey of 12 original sketches of Leonardo da Vinci's Atlantic code from Milan's Biblioteca Ambrosiana to the Martin Luther King Jr. Public Library in DC, discovering how culture creates bridges and education is the only possible path for a new future.
The film was screened at the 18th edition of the Rome Film Fest. I would love to thank all the people involved in the project and that help us during these intense but rewarding times!

directed by Marcello Pastonesi and Carlo Furgeri Gilbert
produced for Confindustria by Karen Film and Studio NICAMA
Editeded by: Dagmar Thomann
Camera: Marzio Mirabella, Andrea Longhin, Brandon Zigenfuss, Lucio Pontoni, Carlo Furgeri Gilbert, Marcello Pastonesi
Sound: Gabriele Pallanca
Production Manager USA: Matteo Brunetta
Producer USA: Alexandra Fleming
Production USA: Little Monsters Films
Art direction: Studio Nicama