Studio Nicama teams up with Cressi once again for this fun shooting. 
We created still images and videos for the new 2023 Cressi’s Buyers Guide and for all social and web purpose Shot in beautiful Genova Thanks to Bagni Medusa 

Creative Direction: Marcello Pastonesi @studionicama 
Photography: Carlo Furgeri Gilbert @studionicama, Marcello Pastonesi @studionicama
Video: Stefano Casiraghi @studionicama 
Stylist: Paola Pezzi 
Mua: Cinzia DeBenedetto 
Models: Jamile Lima, Eleonora Ranzani, Edoardo Tommasi, Angela Canepa 
Production director: Eelungo Velvamangalam 
Production Assistant: Francesca Bruzzone