A commercial we created for Narvalo, a startup company based in Italy creating innovative anti-pollution masks.

The concept is based on the fact that these mask have a onboard ventilator that helps you breathe like you are not wearing a mask. The comfort is total and the sensation of fresh air is unique.

Produced by. Studio Nicama

Directed by: Carlo Furgeri Gilbert/Studio Nicama

Dop: Paolo Bischi

Art director: Stefano Ginestroni @Kes

Copy: Ugo Testoni

Drone: Andrea Longhin

Editing: Marzio Mirabella/Studio Nicama

Color: Paolo Bischi, Marzio Mirabella

1AC: Stefano Casiraghi

Photographer: Niccolò Rastrelli/Studio Nicama

Runner: Filippo Ginestroni