Never Stop Breathing

New BLS ADV. The issue of safety in the workplace is a topic that constantly fills the pages of newspapers. We always talk about what companies should do, but not about workers. We want to give them the voice. BLS takes care of people’s breathe since 1970 and its leader in Europe. We decided to find real characters who tell us how an extremely dangerous job can be reconciled with a daily life made up of loves, passions or simple moments of life.

An invitation not to stop, addressed to all those men and women who, despite facing dangerous jobs every day, thanks to BLS safety devices can live their lives in complete freedom.

“Never stop breathing” is the new campaign which will feature a variety of workers from all over Europe, working in different fields.

For the first episode we had the honor to speak with Massimo “Maio” Meregalli, Team Director of the Monster Energy Yamaha MotoGp Team, 2021 World Champion.

Thanks Maio for everything and thanks to BLS for trusting us!

Creative direction: Studio Nicama and Stefano Ginestroni

Directed by: Carlo Furgeri Gilbert

Dop: Paolo Bischi

1AC: Laura Marchini

Edited by: Adrian Hylka

Color: Paolo Bischi

Production: Studio Nicama