Documentary on the street basketball at Sempione Park in Milan. Produced by Studio Nicama.


Street basketball is gaining more and more popularity in Milan (Italy) and playgrounds are being built everywhere in the city. But the street basketball court is much more than a place where a sport is practiced.

It is a space where the themes of integration and mutual knowledge are developed. A place where a new concept of community is created. Where different communities learn to know each other.

The playgrounds host a diverse humanity, which in this continuous giving and receiving of the ball carries out an experience of reciprocity and trust towards a possible multicultural coexistence.

a film by
Carlo Furgeri Gilbert
Marzio Mirabella
Niccolò Rastrelli

Con Patrick Atangana, Abdoulaye Guebre, Viktor Katsyuba, Oumar Sy and Andrea Mosele

original music Selton and Tommaso Colliva
title design Leftloft
audio mix Alberto Parodi at Mulinetti Recording Studio
drone Giancarlo Galante
with the collaboration of Lombardia Film Commission